Grillo | A One-Of-A-Kind Foldable Barbecue

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With summer in full effect, everybody knows that there’s nothing as enjoyable as taking a swim, chilling out and, of course, having a barbecue. Chargrilled meat just has a smokey flavor that is impossible to get anywhere else and why not do it in a unique style. The Grillo is the answer to that and it’s bound to both impress and turn heads, wherever you use it.

Foldable, portable and featuring a design like no other, the Grillo will turn your barbecue from mundane to awesome!

Grillo opened up and folded up

Compact, stylish and ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

Designed by formAxiom’s Mirko Bocek, Martin Oberhauser and Alain Brideson and features a specialized umbrella-like design. The mission behind the Grillo was to create a barbecue that was ultra-lightweight, packable, extremely easy to use and offers the optimal cooking height.

Close up of the steel mesh on the Grillo

The Grillo also features a unique stainless steel mesh ‘hammock’ for your charcoal or wood. This allows you to easily light it from the bottom and ensures the optimal cooking height and air flow.

By using the umbrella-like design, Grillo is very easy to set up and can be unpacked in a single movement. On the other hand, storage is easy as well since it folds up to an almost unbelievably small size. The Grillo is also entirely constructed out of stainless steel that is easy to clean and for your wood, charcoal or other biomass, it also features an attached stainless steel chainmail mesh that allows for excellent heat transfer as well as optimal airflow that results in the perfect thermal flow field to get that steak cooked to your particular tastes.

Grillo being folded up

Nobody can deny that the Grillo, with it’s umbrella shape, looks awesome and besides, storage is extremely compact.

In essence, the Grillo was designed to celebrate the spontaneous decisions that make up an interesting life and now you have a barbecue that is ready to be used at any time and any situation.

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