The Grillbot is one of those little and seemingly simple things that make some parts of your life way easier. This amazing invention is something that every gourmand, and basically any person who loves barbecuing, will love.  It is an automatic grill cleaner, which is really effective, and obviously easy to use, because all you have to do is to place it on your greasy grill, push a button and it will do the rest.

The Grillbot has a built-in LCD alarm and a timer that lets you choose one of the two cleaning modes – deep or light. After you push the button, the three powerful electric motors start spinning the brushes, and the Grillbot’s smart CPU controls the speed and direction on its own. When the cleaning is finished, it gives you the signal with a sound of a simple beep or a scary scream, which is up to you to decide.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a gas or a charcoal grill, because it works on both of them and regardless of them being hot or cold. The Grillbot is delivered in one of four colors – blue, black, orange and red, so you can pick the one that suits you best. It comes with a battery charger and rechargeable battery pack, but extra brushes, batteries and a hanging storage case are the options, as well.

Grillbot grill cleaner

There are two types of brushes available, the brass brushes, which are included in the standard pack and the stainless steel brushes, which are optional. The brass brushes are great for stainless steel or porcelain grills, because these brushes will not scratch the surface, and the stainless steel brushes are perfect for cast iron or expanded steel grills, because these types of grills require higher maintenance.

The Grillbot will make your barbecuing far more pleasant by removing the part where you remain the last one in the yard cleaning the grill and if you do it often, this awesome product is a must-have for you.

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Grillbot grill cleaner

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