If anybody knows anything about proper BBQ recipes and techniques, then that’s Steven Raichlen. We are going to show you a piece of grilling equipment, of Raichlen’s design, which will, without a doubt, prove immensely useful the next time when you decide to fire up your old grill. Most BBQ enthusiasts, whether amateurs of pros, know that the grate of your grill needs to be oiled up so your food doesn’t stick, otherwise you are going to have a lot of trouble flipping your burgers. But how much oil should you use and how to properly apply it? Well, this is where Raichlen’s Grill Grate Oiler comes in.

Grill Grate Oiler materials

Made from temperature-resistant plastic and silicone, the Grill Grate Oiler will not be damaged while oiling up your grate

This oiler is made from temperature-resistant plastic and silicone, so you don’t have to worry about high temperatures melting it while oiling a hot grate. It is equipped with a small reservoir for oil which allows you to apply it evenly with each swipe. The Grill Grate also has a heat resistant shield so you don’t cook your hand along with your burgers. All you have to do is fill the reservoir and swipe over the grate. It’s as simple as that.

Grill Grate Oiler oil reservoir

The oil reservoir makes adding oil very easy, plus you can always see how much oil you have left

The reservoir is also see-through, which will let you know, at all times, just how much oil you have left at your disposal. This is an excellent piece of BBQ equipment and it can go very well with a unique spatula and even better with a brand new grill.

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Grill Grate Oiler safety

Apart from being simple to use, it is also safe to use, thanks to the heat resistant shield

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