Griffin Survivor | 10,050mAh Rugged Power Bank


With our mobile devices being a sign of our symbiotic relationship with technology, there is but one problem that we still don’t have a permanent solution for. That problem is running out of power when you need it the most. However, thanks to advancement in tech, we get devices like the Griffin Survivor Power Bank that’s got your back when you need it the most.

Compact, powerful and superbly rugged, are the characteristics that define the Griffin.

Griffin Survivor charging an iPhone with an iPad next to it

With a 10,050mAh capacity, the Survivor can charge an iPhone 6S Plus fully three time and deliver a full charge to an iPad Air 2.

This power bank is the first power bank that’s rugged enough to be called the Survivor and it should come as no surprise since this device has been tested to Military Specification 810G. This in turn means that the Griffin is rugged enough to supply you with drop protection of up to 6.6 feet as well as impact resistance defense against hard surfaces like concrete and brick.

To make it even more spectacular, the Survivor was designed for an IP66 rating which means that it can protect against water damage as well as dust particles. It manages to do this by having a self-sealing flap that keeps the charge and power ports, as well as the built-in LED emergency flashlight clean and dry at all times.

Griffin Survivor drop test

The Griffin Survivor was tested according to Military Specification 810G which means that it has been rated for a 6.6 foot drop protection as well as an IP66 Rating which means that it is weather resistant.

As for the charging aspect, since the Griffin Survivor is a 10,050mAh power bank, it can provide up to 3 full charges for the iPhone 6s Plus, a full charge for the iPad Air 2, or a 95% charge for the iPad Pro. This essentially makes it the perfect companion for camping or business trips.

What makes it even better is that Griffin is so confident in their Survivor that they have placed a lifetime guarantee on it and will repair or replace it if any problems arise.

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Griffin Survivor LED flashlight

Griffin even incorporated an emergency LED flashlight.

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