Grid-It Wrap For MacBook Air | Modular Case By Cocoon


We all know what an amazing piece of technology the MacBook Air is. However, we also know what a pain it is to juggle a laptop, our smartphones and other accessories. Fortunately, that is a problem of the past with the Grid-It Wrap for MacBook Air.

There is no doubt that the Grid-It is the most convenient way to carry your MacBook Air and all of your accessories.

The Grid-It Wrap measures in at 14.9” x 0.8” x 11” and weighs 1.3 pounds. However, it is a state of the art personal organizer.

Grid-It Wrap For MacBook Air with accessories

The Grid-It is modular and can be used in a variety of different ways to store all your goods. Your MacBook Air is tucked away safely in the back cover.

It also features a Neoprene cover that protects your MacBook Air and all of your accessories. It works by having an elasticized retention system on the front cover. The elastic can stretch to such a degree that you can even place large items such as a power adapter in it. Check out the Grid-It CES 2015 video below.

Overall, it features a large selection of slots that can be used for a variety of items. Those items include your mobile, a pen, your charger, a watch, headphones, sunglasses, or even a USB hub and whatever else you can imagine.

Grid-It Wrap For MacBook Air side view open and closed

The Grid-It Wrap also features a super slim design. However, as thin as it is, the Neoprene cover ensures the safety of your MacBook and accessories.

Grid-It is situated on the front cover while your MacBook Air slips into the back cover. Simply close the Neoprene cover and you’re set to go!

It received a total of 4 stars out of 5 from 67 different customer reviews.

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