Gravity Balans was created by Peter Opsvik for Varier Furniture and, despite its somewhat unsafe looks, it is amazingly usable and practical, as well as safe.

This chair has three different positions in which it can rest. The first one is the most upright one and in that position the Gravity Balans chair can serve as a simple office chair, with its shape proponing proper posture. This chair is perfect for any activities requiring interaction with other people and watching TV.

The middle position is a perfect blend of the other two. It is a position that provides enough comfort, but still allows you to be functional. It’s great for reading and socializing in less formal occasions, like the ones with close friends or family who will not frown upon your slightly laid back posture.

White Gravity Balans Chair by Varier Furniture

But the main point of the Gravity Balans Chair is its third position, fully reclined. You will probably need some time to get rid of the fear of falling since this position really does seem to defy gravity, but once, you’re fully relaxed, this is the position you will enjoy the most. It is great for a nap and other relaxing activities, since your weight makes the chair gently sway at your every move. It’s like a hammock, but with better support for your back and legs. The position is oddly comfortable, though unfamiliar at first.

Ok, the final position is not really the best for socializing, but with this much relaxation and comfort all the people around you will seem redundant anyway.

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Gravity Balans Chair by Varier Furniture

Gravity Balans Chair by Varier Furniture

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