The amazing Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone took the best from the old times and combined it with practicality of modern technology creating a truly different product that stuns with its looks and practicality alike.

First let’s see what they did. Simple combination of well-known acoustic characteristics of a horn gramophone speaker from the 1920s called the Magnavox R3 and modern electronics enhanced using the Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity made this speaker so different. In times when every company out there is trying their best to make speakers as small and portable as possible, their approach was completely different. With the height of almost 20 inches and horn width of almost 11 inches we can’t really call it the easiest to carry around, even though you might want to.

This brave move proved to be a big success due to the fact that their Kickstarter campaign aim of $100,000 was easily surpassed. People simply want this timeless design but without sacrificing perks of technical advancement.

GRAMOVOX bluetooth gramophone

Now, some might argue that having this design and size might actually propel people to go vintage all the way, but there is no reason for this. You will get that nostalgic, mid-range, high fidelity sound that jazz lovers find precious and keep the practicality of streaming. Perfect.

Underneath the horn speaker you will find the minimalist wood base that can be made of walnut or maple, the first one being very dark and the later light in color. The base is the place for the circuit board, Bluetooth chip, 66mm driver and a lithium-ion battery that has the capacity of 3,300 mAh which should suffice for about 15 hours of continuous play. There is also a 3.5 mm input if you wish to use a device that is not Bluetooth enabled.

Ok, it’s not portable, but some of us like to enjoy music at home as well and there are not many better options out there. watch video below

GRAMOVOX bluetooth gramophone


GRAMOVOX bluetooth gramophone

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