Grammar Snob | A Smartphone App For Grammar Nazis


Some people like shortening texts. Sometimes up to the point of being illegible. However, for most of us, we have an inner grammar Nazi that becomes irked when we come across atrocious spelling. If you’re one of those people, then Grammar Snob is just what you need.

Most of us have gotten used to the animated characters that come from iMessage stickers. However, this is a sticker pack with a style of its own.

Instead of merely sending stickers, you can now fix up your friends spelling. Needless to say, this will be fun for you and annoying for them.

Essentially, this sticker packs gives you a large selection of handwritten annotations. All of the annotations are red in color (teacher’s pen, anyone?) and they are bound to be major fun.

You have a selection of red squiggles to rub out their incorrect texts and then a variety of options to replace them with.

Grammar Snob has also received a rating of 4+ on iTunes. However, some people have difficulty using it. This is what one customer had to say,

“This app is hilarious (may I suggest you add “chose” “choose” and “whose”?). I think people might not realize how stickers can be used. With IOS10, you go to the message box, touch the arrow to the left, then touch the App Store “A”. Scroll left or right until you see the red pencil corrections. They’re not meant to send alone in a message. Instead, drag them onto whatever part of the received message that you want to correct. Same thing for use of other stickers. It works perfectly, but you need to have ios10. Hope that helps.”

Get it from the App Store here.

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