Getting a new pair of headphones almost always gets complicated because of the issue caused by choosing between good sound quality and an awesome appearance. With the Grain Audio Walnut Over-Ear Headphones you can have both. Each pair of these headphones use grain matched, FSC certified solid walnut enclosures which gives them their amazing appearance. Of course, using solid pieces of wood in these headphones has other benefits too, most notably the acoustics they offer. Solid wood isn’t used in music instruments for nothing. The acoustics of wood combined with the proprietary driver which features a Neodymium magnet and a CCAW voice coil makes the sound natural, without fake bass boosts.

Grain Audio solid walnut

The solid walnut used in the making of these headphones improves the sound quality

The Grain Audio Walnut Over-Ear Headphones allow you to listen to music just like the artist intended; by getting free and unadulterated sound. Apart from giving you great sound quality and a simple, yet beautiful design, these headphones are very comfortable to use, even during longer sessions. This was achieved by adding thick foam on the over-ear cups.

Grain Audio Walnut Over-Ear Headphones

The thick layer of foam on the over-ear cups prevents sound leakage from occuring

Along with comfort, this thick layer of foam helps prevent sound leakage which is always a plus in headphones; you will enjoy it and so will the people around you. These headphones are also equipped with an inline mic which is streamlined.

And now, we come to the price of these headphones. Although not obscenely priced like some minimalist headphones which don’t offer the sound quality these do, you will still have to dish out two hundred bucks for a pair.

Get it from Amazon here.

Grain Audio simplistic design

The grain pattern on these headphones make each pair unique

Grain Audio Walnut Over-Ear Headphones case

The Grain Audio Walnut Over-Ear Headphones come in an awesome case

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