Using a decent action camera to record your stunts, parties or just life events is a great thing, but it can turn into bitter work after the recording process is finished and you have to spend hours editing the footage.

Unless you give Graava a shot. This action camera offers pretty decent footage quality, both in terms of photos and video, but its main selling point is that it does all the editing for you, no matter the amount of footage at hand, and even simplifies sharing the edited footage.

Graava’s Automatic Editing

Graava Action Camera auto editing

Graava takes care of the editing for you, just select the length and the music for your video

After making a recording with Graava, you can have very little left to do in order to get an amazing video. Just attach it to its magnetic wireless charger and let it upload all the files to its cloud editor or you computer. By using the companion app, you can simply select the length of the video and the background music you want to accompany it. Graava’s artificial intelligence will gather the information collected by its sensors (microphone, GPS, accelerometer and gyro sensor) to filter out the boring bits and keep just the fun parts of your adventures.

Graava Action Camera magnetic wireless charger

The magnetic wireless charger can turn Graava into a security camera, a dash cam and a baby monitor

You can always make adjustments to the cuts Graava makes and there is always the option of manually editing the video if you don’t trust automated editing to be effective enough. A very interesting feature Graava offers is syncing your video to another person’s Graava footage by analyzing GPS data. If one of your friends was recording the same event in the vicinity, it can ask for permission to make use of that footage to make your cut even better. When you are satisfied with the final cut, sharing the video can be done by simply choosing the social network from its list. A noteworthy feature this action camera has is a simple voice command. To make sure that a certain moment gets included in the auto-edited version, simply say “Graava” and it will be done.

Graava’s Specs

Graava Action Camera bumper holsters

Graava’s bumper holster come in several color variants

Graava may not be as powerful as high-end GoPro models, but don’t write it off just yet. Graava is capable of shooting 8 mp photos and 1080p, 30 fps videos and it offers an amazing battery life. Its lithium-ion 1100mAh rechargeable battery can record three hours worth of 1080p videos which is not something most GoPros can achieve. As it is water resistant, you can create amazing footage even in poor weather conditions.

Graava Action Camera mounts

With a clip, a strap and an adhesive, there is no place or object on which you won’t be able to place the Graava

This brings us to its mountability, which is done by slipping Graava into one of its colored bumper holsters and attaching a clip for hooking it up to helmets or goggles, a strap for backpacks or bikes, or an adhesive so you can stick it onto anything which the clip and strap can’t help you with. Graava is also multi-functional, by hooking it up to its magnetic wireless charger, it can become a security camera, a dash cam, or a baby monitor.

Graava, with its decent footage quality, amazing battery life and insanely useful editing features, will be a breath of fresh air for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time on editing and for all who are always looking to record and share interesting footage. [via]

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