When it comes to cooking, GoSun Solar Cooker is pretty close to being the ultimate tool. You do not need any kind of burning fuel, it costs just $179 on their Kickstarter page and, as the headline says, it can heat up the food up to 550° F fairly quickly.

In addition, you do not need to perform any careful adjustments regarding the angle to the sun which is a tremendous differentiating quality. This was achieved through the solar cooker’s design. Its anodized aluminum cover attracts the sun from any angle, retains almost all of the sunlight it is exposed to and dramatically enhances its power using parabolic reflection – the method of reflecting the heat inside the tube.

Different uses of the GoSun SOLAR Stove Cooker

All of these qualities make this the solar cooker very versatile. You can bake, boil, fry and do anything else you can imagine and wherever you feel like it due to its portability and lack of need for fuel or electric power. And you can do it quickly, which is very important. Moreover, this works in winter as well, provided that the day is sunny. Additional perk comes from the GoSun Solar Cooker’s ability to heat up to very high temperatures, meaning that your food will stay warm long into the night.

In order to fulfill the needs of larger numbers of buyers, the designers decided to offer the cooker in three sizes – regular, mini and deluxe. watch video below

Difference between the GoSun SOLAR Stove Cooker and a standard grill

Diagram showing the different uses of the GoSun SOLAR Stove Cooker

Physics behind the GoSun SOLAR Stove Cooker

Details about the GoSun SOLAR Stove Cooker

GoSun Solar Mini size Solar cooker

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