GoPro Fusion | New 5.2K Spherical Camera (Video)

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GoPro has become a household name, and is used all over the world by athletes. It is also a crucial piece of gadgetry in extreme sports. Whether you want to capture that awesome skydive, slope ski, or even your free dive. Fact is, if you want to record it, you’re going to need a GoPro. However, as all technology progresses, so does GoPro, and their latest, the GoPro Fusion is definitely going to change the world of filmography.

As a pre-launch to their new camera, the Fusion, GoPro has opened applications for content professionals to be among the first to use their new camera for Virtual Reality and Overcapture. Check out the video below.

Of course, being a GoPro, this camera is nothing short of astoundingly impressive. The Fusion is designed to be the ultimate capture device for fully immersive virtual reality content, as well as non-VR video, and photographic formats. It features a breathtaking 5.2K30 video, and photos in full spherical.

Essentially, the Fusion is like having 6 GoPro’s pointing in all possible directions to give you complete, top quality, 360-degree video. Why just capture what’s in front of you, when you can capture everything around you?

Another interesting feature, is the OverCapture. Essentially, the OverCapture allows you to record your moments in all directions. You can then return, and frame the shot as you want. It allows you to compose your video in the exact manner that you would like.

Of course, the Fusion would not be complete without its predecessor’s attributes – mountability, durability, performance, and quality.

If you are a content professional, check out the link below to become a part of the program.

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