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In this day and age mobile housing is becoming very popular because of affordable prices and the fact that you aren’t tied to only one place as you can kick up a gear and move your entire home in one pleasant ride. A company which has received a lot of attention lately called Action Mobil designs, for lack of a better word, unique mobile homes. However, these aren’t just your run of the mill mobile homes. They are first and foremost expedition vehicles, but as they are equipped with all the amenities of a modern house, they can fall into that category. Action Mobil has a large number of these vehicles but the ones we will focus on are the Globecruiser series and their latest model, the Global XRS 7200.


Globecruiser Motor Homes 7500 Family 2014 Edition

Globecruiser 7500 Family 2014 Edition is equipped with a hydraulic rack for heavy gear, or a motorbike

This Action Mobil line includes six amazing and spacious vehicles, each bigger than the last. The six models include: the 6500, 7000, 7200, 7400, 7500 Family and 7500 Family 2014 Edition. While there are differences in the design, size and some features between all six of these, they offer more or less the same amenities. All six of these are equipped with separate sleeping quarters, fully functioning bathroom, a kitchen with all the necessary equipment (including a washing machine), a dining area and a heating system, just in case you are going on a winter cruise around the globe. Each dining area table can be lowered to the level of the seats and effectively transformed into yet another sleeping area. Guys with kids will appreciate this more than anyone else, but if you go for the Family models, you’ll be glad to know that they already have bunk beds for kids.

Globecruiser Motor Homes dining area

The dining table of all Globecruiser models can be lowered to create another sleeping area

Out of these six Globecruisers you can pick whichever one you want and get your money’s worth, no qualms about that, but we here are leaning towards the 7500 Family 2014 Edition for one simple reason. It is equipped with a hydraulic motorbike/heavy equipment rack. Now, that’s a very cool addition to an already amazing vehicle. Simply because it allows you to take your bike on your trip, just in case you start missing those adrenaline pumping bike rides.

Global XRS 7200

Globecruiser Motor Homes Global XRS 7200

The Global XRS 7200 is the luxury model, equipped with the best features available

The Globecruisers are mostly designed with clear cut lines, and this is what we liked about the Global XRS 7200. Simple, but still not lacking appeal. It also borrows the hydraulic rack from the 7500 Family 2014 Edition which is yet another amazing bonus. Make no mistakes, it may have a lot in common with a lot of vehicles designed by Action Mobil, but this is a high-end, luxury expedition vehicle. Every inch of this motor home is made from the finest materials, sporting a modern design.

Globecruiser Motor Homes Global XRS 7200 interior

The high tech interior of the Global XRS 7200 will make you feel like you are in a hotel, and not in a motor home

The driver’s cabin follows suite, making it a pleasant place to spend several hours driving, which is an important thing as no one can endure long rides in stuffy, old cabins. The interior of the living space features completely separate sleeping and lounging quarters. Both of these feature high tech features which make living in such a space all the more enjoyable.

Check out a video featuring the  Global XRS 7200.

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