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If we surveyed one hundred people and asked them whether they would rather go to a tropical country for a vacation or to a ski resort, we bet that the majority of them would go for the former. However, if they knew anything about Glacier National Park in Montana, U.S.A., and the out-of-the-world holiday experience it offers, we are pretty confident that many of them would change their mind.

Glacier National Park lies in one of the biggest and most pristine ecosystems in North America. The park has over one million acres of beautiful, crystal clear mountain lakes, a varied wildlife (mountain goats, grizzly bears, moose), rugged mountain peaks and glaciers that will leave you astounded. The best way to see this nature’s gem is taking the Going-to-the-Sun road which is the only road that leads deep into Glacier. Of course, there are fishing trips, kayaking, river rafting, rock climbing, horseback riding, jeep tours, and golfing at Glacier Park Lodge if you are not too fond of hiking.

Glacier National Park Lake and Mountains

The park also has an incredible 700 miles of hiking trails. You can either go on a one-day-hike to one of the 25 active glaciers or you might pick a seven-day trip, experiencing this majestic landscape on foot. Apart from taking the Going-to-the Sun road, the Native American Sun Tours also come highly recommended. You will be able to take horseback trips through the park or hop into one of the ancient wooden boats and sail across one of the Park’s numerous glacial lakes.

Glacier National Park Lake and waterfall

Despite Glacier National Park being the epitome of an untouched natural wonder, you won’t need to worry about finding accommodation here. There are many lodging and dining options here with award-winning hotels and restaurants in Whitefish close by. If there is one part of the world that will fill you with wonder, appreciation for nature’s beauty and relaxation, than Glacier National Park must be it. watch video below

Glacier National Park accomodation

Glacier National Park scenery

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