If you like to start your day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, then you will love the GINO Server by notNeutral, a brilliantly designed coffee server which is easy on the eyes too.

Apart from people who love fresh coffee, most design lovers will consider this coffee server a must-have. GINO Server is beautifully designed, which is most notable from its double-walled construction. The entire server was handblown from borosilicate double walled glass with a germ resistant 100% recyclable silicone lid on top of it.

Gino glass coffee server

Don’t think that this server is just for show as the double walled construction brings a high level of functionality to it. It emphasizes the process of coffee extraction while also perfectly insulating the server which entirely eliminates the need for a handle. It is also easy to grip as it boasts a minimal profile. This server best partners up with the GINO Pour-Over Coffee Dripper, which made this series of products quite famous, because it perfectly fits on top of the GINO Server.

Gino glass coffee server

Due to its excellent insulation, this server is also extremely useful when serving cold drink. This server has a volume of 590 ml which is about two cups of brewed coffee. After you’re done with your brew, simply place it in your dishwasher as it is completely dishwasher-safe.

Start your day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee served from this very elegant and extremely functional coffee server, the GINO Server.

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