Gift Guide | 13 Gift Ideas Under $50


For those of you with a limited budget, we have the perfect list. All the items you’ll find below are under $50, cover a variety of ideas and will make great gifts for you or someone you care about. Also, if you’re looking for something thematic, check out the rest of our guides and you’ll quickly find the inspiration.

1 – Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

With this coffee dripper, you’ll prepare 2 cups of coffee in a minute and a half.

The first item on the list will allow you to prepare coffee in the old-fashioned drip way. It comes with a nice wooden stand that’s available in three colors. Also, the Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper features an easy to clean stainless steel cone filter as well as the borosilicate glass server. With it, you can prepare two cups.

BUY | $35.99

2 – Zero Grid Compression Packing Cubes

Zero Grid Compression Packing Cubes

Zero Grid Cubes have a tough, tear and liquid-resistant construction.

These super useful packing cubes are perfect for traveling. Use them to maximize the space and efficiently compress your clothes. They are also suitable for camping since the dual-layered 420D ripstop nylon is very tough. Another handy feature is the mesh cover. It allows your clothes to breathe and you can see what’s inside of the bag, without having to open it. The set comes with one large and two small cubes.

BUY | $29.95

3 – Duke Cannon Big Ass Beer Soap

Duke Cannon Big Ass Beer Soap

In the pack, you get two 10 oz bricks of soap.

Duke Cannon Grooming Products are great for the body, hair and beard. Just like the rest of their unique soaps, Big Ass Beer Soap comes in a form first used by soldiers during the Korean War. You may think it smells like beer, but you’re wrong, it’s actually a nice woodsy sandalwood scent. However, American lager beer Old Milwaukee was used as one of the main ingredients.

BUY | $16.98+

4 – Schrade Tactical Survival Pen

Schrade Tactical Survival Pen

The pen features a glass breaker, an inbuilt whistle and a hidden ferro rod and striker.

Use Schrade Tactical Survival Pen for any outdoor activity and it will prove to be very useful. First of all, it’s super easy to carry since it can fit into a pocket. Secondly, this pen has a badass construction- matte black anodized aluminum body. Besides for writing, it can be used for breaking glass and starting a fire. Also features a built-in whistle for emergency situations.

BUY | $25.88

5 – Ranger Station Candles

Ranger Station Candles

Made from natural soy wax, these candles can be used as whiskey glasses as well.

Probably the most important thing about the Ranger Station Candles except, of course, the wonderful scent is the fact you can turn them into whiskey glasses. That’s right. Once the candle burns, the glass is perfect for pouring drinks in. The candles have an impressive 45-hour burn time and come in a variety of aromas.

BUY | $29.98

6 – Grenade Grips

Grenade Grips

You can improve your workout easily by attaching them to dumbbells, barbells, pull-up bars, push-up bars, kettlebells, cable attachments…

What Grenade Grips do is turn any bar into fat grips. They will help build up your arms and upper body. Great for Crossfit, MMA and a variety of other sports. They can also be useful if you have any joint problems. In order to use them, simply wrap them around the handle.

BUY | $25.99

7 – Readyman Fisherman’s Survival Card

Readyman Fisherman’s Survival Card

This EDC card is the similar size of a credit card but can actually save your life.

We recently covered both camping and EDC gift ideas, but here’s one that is suitable for both categories and also very affordable. Readyman Fisherman’s Survival Card features 22 different tools for catching fish. It includes 9 single hooks, 3 double hooks, 1 treble hook, 1 quad hook, 5 different lures, a fish scaler and a saw.

BUY | $12.95

8 – Patent Prints

Patent Prints

These awesome looking prints are great for decorating the interior.

The Patent Prints collection features more than 100 prints made using premium Luster photo paper finish. Since they are available in a number of different themes and years, simply order the one you like the most and frame it when it arrives.

BUY | $20.98

9 – Sansaire Steak Aging Sauce

Sansaire Steak Aging Sauce

Combine the sauce with Sous Vide cooking and get the perfect steak.

Have you ever heard of Sous Vide cooking? What this technique does is uses precise temperature control to achieve the ultimate taste of the steak. Another thing that makes it delicious is the Sansaire Steak Aging Sauce. It will give the meat a rich and delicious flavor of dry-aging. Some of the main ingredients are fish sauce and soy sauce.

BUY | $24.95

10 – Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne

Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne

This highly concentrated fragrance is very portable.

Incredibly stylish and practical, Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne is a perfect go-to essential. This wax-based fragrance comes in a portable metal case that can fit into a pocket. Since each one uses a different mixture of natural oils, you can get the cologne in a number of scents. To use it, just put a bit on your finger and apply on neck or wrist.

BUY 1 BUY 2 | $34.98

11 – Thug Kitchen 101: Fast As F*ck

Thug Kitchen 101: Fast As F*ck

Eat fast and healthy with a new Thug Kitchen cookbook.

If you want to learn to prepare fast and healthy food, you’ve come to the right place. Even though this combination may seem impossible, Thug Kitchen 101: Fast As F*ck will prove you wrong. You’ll find more than 100 easy to prepare recipes in this cookbook. The best part, they all use simple ingredients.

BUY | $17.70

12 – Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

In order to get the full package, simply separate the handle and enjoy your meal.

When you hear the name spork, you know it’s a combination of a spoon and a fork. However, this one is special since it includes a knife as well. The high-strength, technical polymer makes sure you can use and store the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork easily, but also have it for years to come. Take it with you for camping and hiking.

BUY | $7.99

13 – Kellam Fixed Blade Pocket Knife

Kellam Fixed Blade Pocket Knife

This 2-inch pocket knife has a nice leather sheath for protection.

Another must-have in your EDC is for sure the Kellam Fixed Blade Pocket Knife. Weighing just 1.2oz, it can fit into a pocket. Also, a 2-inch carbon steel blade is great for making feather sticks and cutting paper. Thanks to its design, you can also use it as a utility hook or a pocket clip.

BUY | $41.99

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