Gibbs Sports Amphibians, producers of the Quadski – the world’s first high-speed sports amphibian, launched a new vehicle, Biski. It was announced at the American International Motorcycle expo in Florida. Biski is a fascinating scooter that can go into the water, and it has some killer features.

When you want to switch and go into the water, press the button and the rear wheel will retract, jets will fire up on both sides, and the front wheel will stay locked in place. At speed, the front wheel will lift above the water. It can develop a speed of 80mph on land, and 37mph on water. Maximum power output is 55-horsepower. The engine is a 2-cylinder petrol, and it has excellent performance. It is designed to give Biski stability on water and land. The fuel capacity is 20L. It comes in blue colour.

A guy riding Gibbs Biski Motocycle

On the land, it can develop a speed of 80mph and on the water 37mph.

Riding Gibbs Biski On The Water

It takes just a few seconds for it to switch from land to water.

It takes less than 5 seconds for it to transition from land to water. In that time, it retracts the wheels and switches to jet propulsion. High-Speed Amphibian (HSA) Technology is making that possible. Is was made by fusing automotive and marine technologies with Gibbs’ own developments. The hull is designed so it can be hydrodynamic in marine mode. The hull is strong, durable and lightweight. Also, its jet units are lighter than traditional water jets. After a day using the Biski you will want to try your luck at some slots. [via]

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Check out this video and see how Biski works.

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