What would you get if you put together recent cycling innovations such as folding bikes, electric pedal-assist bicycles, various smart biking applications and illuminated wheels? Well, though this task may seem far-fetched to some, it has indeed been done and to great success – and the result is Gi-Bike. Lightweight, smartphone integrated, electric folding bike made by New York designer trio comprising Agustin Agustinoy, Eric Sevillia, and Lucas Toledo, the Gi-Bike really lets you have it all in one ultra-compact, extremely portable and neat-looking package.

As the most efficient and eco-friendly transportation for commuters , bikes are growing increasingly popular around the globe, but what truly sets the Gi-Bike above the rest of the flock is the sheer number of ultra-useful features that will certainly make your cycling life a whole lot easier. As the Gi-Bike team says, [their] “dream is for daily commuters to have an all-in-one bicycle that fulfill their needs, adapts to their cities, and promotes a greener and better world. Bicycles are the most efficient and eco-friendly way to commute throughout the city, but we found out that there is no bicycle with -all- the features that satisfy all the needs of the everyday commuter. That is why we invented The Gi-Bike, by carefully challenging every aspect and design of the traditional bike.”

To begin with, the Gi-Bike features a clever folding design that allows you to pack your bicycle in a single motion in just one second and then tow it around by the handlebars like heeled luggage. The Gi-Bike aluminum frame is surprisingly strong for its relatively light weight and it’s fitted with a carbon drive belt. The handlebars and the saddle have been designed for the cyclist’s maximum comfort, and the saddle features a shock absorber system as well as silicone gel inserts with additional thickness around the cutout to make your ride as enjoyable as it can be.

Gi Bike folding electric bike

The Gi-Bike is available in two versions, the regular pedal-powered version (weighing some 12 kilograms) and the electric version (weighing around 17 kilograms). The electric Gi-Bike is equipped with Electric Assistance (Pedalec) to help you when you need it the most, so there’s no need to stress out or even break a sweat as you hurry along on your daily tours, to the office, important meetings or that first date. When you’re not in the mood for pedaling, the Gi-Bike’s USB-rechargeable electric engine and the lithium-ion LifePo4 battery can take you along some 40+ miles at the maximum top speed of 15mph on a single charge, which can be truly helpful as you’re trying to conquer that challenging hillside on your daily commute route. Running on the Gi-Bike engine, you can control the speed by means of a multifunctional smartphone app and the electric motor will even power your phone fixed in the included mount as you’re riding the bike.

In order to keep your bike safe and make your cycling experience as simple and as pleasurable as possible, the producers have included a handy mobile application that controls all of Gi-Bike features, including the electric assist, GPS tracking system which locks the bike when it’s gone out of a certain range and the integrated anti-theft lock which will lock automatically once you’re ten feet away from your bicycle. The Gi-Bike signature anti-theft system has a special mode allowing you to loan the bike to your family and friends, and the bike application even lets you share your experiences by means of social media integration. The included application also controls the Revolights-style smart frontal wheel LED lights and the integrated rear safety lights that switch on at night to ensure you stay visible on the road. The Gi-Bike app will also provide live statistics such as speed, mileage, time, calories burned and other relevant metrics.

Gi Bike smart bike

Thanks to the Gi-Bike original regulatory system, the bike height and seat angle can be easily adjusted without modifying the frame size. By adjusting the seat steel rods, Gi-Bike will instantly be made suitable for different user heights, including small, medium, large and giant. And if you have any concerns about the foldable design collapsing in the middle of your ride, rest assured – Gi-Bike locks open as soon as even two kilograms of weight is placed on the seat and stays that way until you decide to fold it. Plus, the bike is weather-sealed so the electronic will stay safe and dry even in heavy rain.

Smart, minimal, ultra-functional, portable and extremely lightweight, the revolutionary Gi-Bike preserves the quality of a full-sized bike in an extremely convenient and comfortable foldable pack. In all likelihood, this is what the future of pedal power for dwellers in urban environments looks like. So grab your piece before it’s too late! [via] watch video below

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Gi Bike

Gi electric bike

GI Bike

Folding electric bike

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