Get to Know Your CBD Product: A Lowdown

Marijuana has caused quite a stir on governments for a long time. Many have labeled it as a harmful drug, and several went to prison for using or selling it. But after a few years, some states have legalized the use of marijuana.

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, comes in many forms, aside from the usual leaves that most people know about. People can now extract the oil from the leaf and turn it into other forms like cbd dabs and concentrates. But each form can still give a certain type of benefit to the user.

What is CBD?

CBD, cannabidiol for short, is a chemical compound you find inside the Cannabis sativa plant. It’s a naturally occurring substance that people use in several products like edibles, oils, and even waxes to achieve the feeling of calmness and relaxation when one uses it. You might also know the other compound, which is THC, found in the plant. The difference between the two of them is that THC is psychoactive, while CBD is not.

When one uses CBD, they won’t get the same euphoric feeling, unlike the THC. But there’s always an exception to this. Studies done by scientists like Junella Chin, a medical cannabis expert from cannabisMD, states that people react differently to CBD for some unknown reason. She also stated that about 5% of the people using CBD said they felt altered after taking CBD. They were also the same people who have experienced side-effects using Tylenol or Advil.

Get to Know Your CBD

Now that you feel persuaded to try out CBD, you need to know that it can come in different kinds of forms. Not everyone can smoke it with others, which is why CBD manufacturers created them into several types to ensure people can still experience the sensation of CBD inside their bodies comfortably.

Generally, you’ll be able to notice some CBD products usually fall into five main classifications:

CBD Oils – it’s a form of CBD where people would drop the liquid under their tongue. The application method feels like you’re swallowing your saliva, which isn’t hard to do.

CBD Pills/Capsules – for people who want to take it like any other medicine, the CBD comes in pill and capsule forms.

CBD Vapes – this form is for people who like to smoke their CBDs. There are also cbd dabs and waxes to make it feel like you’re smoking it naturally.

CBD Edibles – there’s always a fun alternative when it comes to ingesting CBD. If you want it to eat it like candy, you should buy it in an edible form. There are even gummy CBDs to make it even more fun and exciting to ingest.

Topical CBD Creams – you might get surprised, but CBD can be turned into creams for people who want to apply on their bodies. When applied, the skin absorbs the chemicals and goes into the joints.

Benefits of Using CBD

When talking about marijuana or CBD, people would associate it with people getting high all the time. This is true as CBD’s chemical properties can make people get into this trance.

One commonly known benefit of using CBD is its ability to lessen depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. For people who are going through tough times, especially with the pandemic happening to the world, it won’t hurt calming yourself down by smoking, applying, or ingesting CBD into your system. Some people experience extreme depression, which is why doctors would prescribe them to use CBD to lessen the harmful effects of depression.

And if you’re ever experiencing any pains around your body, cbd dabs are great pain relievers. They act as inflammatory, and it’s usually taken by people who have arthritis. The science behind this is the genetic makeup of Cannabidiol. It’s similar to the cannabinoids found in your body. The receptors of the cannabinoids can easily bind to the CBD, letting it to take action quickly and bring relief.

For anyone who’s experiencing vomiting, nausea, motion sickness, or anything related to an upset stomach, the CBD dabs are perfect for counteracting these symptoms. Some drugs like oxycodone or morphine can make a person feel sick. And if you can’t eat because of an upset stomach, using CBD dabs can help bring back your appetite.

CBD can also reduce seizures for both children and adults. Because of the many forms of CBD, children can ingest it using the oils or edibles, while adults can smoke it. Whether it’s cbd dabs, creams, or edibles, it’s a very helpful compound for people who have serious or recurring health issues.

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