Get the Rugged Look using a Double Rider Biker Jacket

A men’s leather jacket is a piece of outerwear that has its own style and vibe and nothing ever seems to match it. Owning a leather jacket is a luxury, so if you pair it with any outfit, you surely are going to stand out. However, the sense of pairing clothing pieces together really depends on what your taste of style and fashion is.

Even when the leather jacket is such a powerful type of outerwear, people often feel like they should contrast their clothing. They look for other types of jackets which are not any less than the leather jacket, they may already have and so the alternative that they mostly go for are double rider biker jackets.

These double riders can be seen on fashion runways, in daily life,at parties, and where not. People find it attractive and like wearing it at all kinds of events by styling it differently. We have listed below different outfits that you can wear with your biker jacket for different occasions and events.

Add A Shine To Black And White

Black and white is surely a favorite of most people and they tend to wear this combination often. However, others might get bored of seeing you in the same color combination most of the time. No, you don’t have to change what you like, but you surely can give yourself a shine. Go for a white t-shirt and pick leather black pants rather than denim or khakis. For the cherry on top, wear your men’s leather biker jacket and some shiny patent leather shoes. To accessorize yourself on a cold day, don’t forget to wear a beanie.

Ready For College

College looks are surreal as not everybody tends to look good on an everyday basis. There are very few people who stand out of the crowd and make an appealing visual appearance. The look we are going to talk about is not just specified for college going guys but also will suit people going on casual get-togethers or evening parties. If it is a cold day, pick out a white button-up shirt, layer it with a dark solid-colored sweater, and then to add more texture, put on your biker jacket over it. For the bottoms go for fitted or ripped jeans and sneakers and do not forget to wear a watch.

Layer Over A Hoodie

Hoodies tend to be a staple clothing piece for men in the winters. To cut out the cold you don’t have to replace it with any other clothing, in fact, to make your look more magnetic we know exactly what you can do. Take out your double rider biker jacket from your wardrobe and layer it over, this layering is going to look unique and edgy at the same time. Wear your comfiest jeans, which block the cold, and go for leather boots or trainers, whichever suits your mood.

Turtleneck And All Black

Joining two versions of style together does not always turn out to be the way we want. However, when we talk about turtlenecks and a completely black outfit, we are sure that both are going to work extremely well together. Take out a black turtleneck and pair it with black denim, khakis, or chinos and slide a biker jacket over your outfit. If you want to give it a business casual look, wear black loafers or dress shoes. Don’t forget to wear your sunshades if you are going out in the daylight.

Business Casual

Biker jackets are not just for wearing casually at night parties or other late night events. You can also pair your biker jacket with a business casual outfit and so you can wear it to your workplace or a business deal brunch, it all depends on you. Let us put up clothing pieces for you according to business casual dressing. You should dress the way you want. Go for a check or striped office shirt with a light color, pair it with chinos, khakis, or dress pants, and add a buckle belt to it. Lastly, slide on your office shoes, a watch, and your rider biker jacket. This look will be a business casual look that is going to be different and is going to stand out in your workplace.

A Striped Tee

Men tend not to pair their striped t-shirts with any experimental jackets, they just go for the ones that they think will suit their look as experimenting with stripes is not easy. We know what you should do. If you are going to an exhibition or an art gallery, take out your striped t-shirt. Pair fitted jeans with them and wear a double rider biker jacket over them and casual shoes. The jacket will complete your outfit and will give you a stylish look, great for the event.


The 6 looks that we mentioned are going to give you the exact appearance you would want after wearing a double rider biker jacket. You are surely going to stand out in a crowd with such an aesthetic piece on you.

If you don’t own a double rider biker jacket right now, it is okay, but get your hands on one as soon as possible. Double rider biker jackets are never going out of style.

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