Get More Organized in These 3 Areas

For some, there’s a certain zany attraction in being the disorganized one. If you wear this label, it can feel a little bit like a get out of jail free card in that those in your life probably have somewhat lowered expectations about what they can expect from you when it comes to being dependable. It can be a relief that no one will ever ask you to organize an event or expect you to help them pack for a move. However, this has a way of wearing thin, and sooner or later, you may find that even though getting organized may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, it can clear your head and your life so that you do have time for exciting things.

Organize Your Home

You don’t have to go all minimalist if you are the kind of person who finds a little clutter around the house comforting, but you also don’t have to be the person who is constantly looking for keys, digging through overfull closets and drawers for something to wear, fearing the mound of food storage containers that will spill out when you open a kitchen cabinet and drowning in a mountain of junk mail. There are plenty of lifestyle changes to consider that can be a happy median.
Decluttering your house can be a freeing experience. It can also feel like an impossible task, so do it in small sections. Start by looking at white vanities to maximize your storage space and keep your remaining belongings organized, limiting the amount of time you’ll spend or space you’ll sort at any given time. Once you’ve got your house in order, have a system for keeping it that way. Have a place to drop your keys when you walk in the door. Throw away junk mail when it’s in your hand instead of setting it down. Institute a rule that you have to get rid of an article of clothing before buying a new one.

Organize Your Finances

When your finances are out of order, the consequences can be unpleasant, at best. Missed bills, debts and just not knowing where your money is going are just a few of them. Fortunately, there are apps that can help you in tracking your spending and setting a budget. An important element of getting your finances in order is paying off debts. You may be able to save money on interest by refinancing your student loans. A new loan may offer lower rates and lower monthly payments, and you can put the savings toward other debts or toward your retirement fund.

Organize Your Work

This is another place where disorganization can really hurt you. Even if you’re eager and hard-working, being disorganized on the job can affect your relationship with your coworkers, see you passed over for promotion and make your daily life a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Tasks lists for what you need to get done each day and blocking out time on a calendar can help you stay focused. Sort the clutter in and on your desk as you did in your house. Set aside a time to answer email and other messages rather than being at the beck and call of notifications all day.

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