Get More and Better Intimate Nights with the New Tracy’s Dog Advanced Male Masturbator

During quarantine, sex toys became a need for gaining pleasure. Imagine being bored at home without experiencing sexual pleasure; it’s impossible, right? This is why sex toy sales are increasing, and analysts have predicted that the market for sex toys will grow at a CAGR of around 7% by 2023.

Sadly, despite the fact that sex toy sales are rising, males still have limited options. The good news is, Tracy’s Dog, a well-known pleasure brand, has heard your worries and is now introducing Turboo, the first-ever advanced male masturbator. This is not your typical male masturbator, as it provides you with the most refined customized pleasure waves. Let’s see how this Turboo will change your boring sexual routine.

What Does Turboo Have to Offer?

Turboo promises you an advanced masturbation experience. This product has centrifugal forced ejaculation enhancement technology (CFEET) exclusively developed and used by Tracy’s Dog. A technology that allows the Turboo to produce an ultra-high rotation speed and centrifugal force, ensuring it can simulate the male genitalia and deliver unprecedented mind-blowing pleasure to men.

It has three dynamic vibration modes that grip differently to speed it up. Its frequency can go up to 1300 rounds per minute and delivers intensely pleasurable stimulation. You can also play with the speeds as it automatically accelerates based on where you grip the device.

Turboo uses a built-in high-speed rotating ball. The center of gravity of the ball deviates from the axis to drive the masturbation cup to move in all directions by relying on the high-speed rotation of the eccentric ball to generate centrifugal force in different directions.

So based on how you grip the Turboo, it can generate different full-scale centrifugal forces and deep stimulation to massage your penis thoroughly. Let the device do its magic while you enjoy the pleasure it gives.


Turboo has four unique features that provide convenience to your masturbation journey. It is a USB charging device that allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted 60 minutes of joy. It is easy to clean because it is 100 % waterproof IPX7.

Keep it until your next solo session without worrying if it smells as it has odorless medical-grade silicone and body-safe ABS plastic that will keep you safe from any harmful chemicals.

In addition, Turboo has high-quality stretchy silicone, which accommodates any size. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the size of your penis, no need to feel conscious in buying this sex toy because you don’t have to say your size.


Turboo is accessible and so easy to use. As long as it is fully charged, then you are ready to enjoy the sexual pleasure. Start by putting water-based lubricant on your penis for more pleasure. Next, press and hold the on/off button for two seconds to enter vibration mode—short press the button to switch among three Truboo vibration modes.

Then, if you are done and satisfied, just press and hold the button for two seconds. Lastly, it is so easy to clean, so you only need to wash it with water, and you’re done.

How to Order?

Get your first Turboo Automatic Masturbation Cup by going to Tracy’s Dog website and get it for $119 only and enjoy their big discounts. Plus, its shipping is free in all their products to the USA and Canada.The items are shipped in a very discreet package that won’t giveaway anything that’s inside, in case you have someone else picking it up.

Customer Reviews

According to the website’s customer reviews, this product gained a 4.9 rating. Most customers say that it works great for them, it has good quality. The three automatic vibration modes allow them to experience orgasm very quickly. One boyfriend is so happy because his girlfriend gave it to him as a gift and he enjoyed it.

Here are one of the consumer’s comments about the amazing sex toy:
Great toy with three modes setting,it brought me ecstasy in no time at all.Full sense of science and technology. I was lucky to get this baby well worth the money. Treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed.”

A traveler also commented that it is perfect for any trip and because its package is discrete, he is confident to put it inside his travel bag. See for yourself and check their website to read more of these customer’s excellent and honest reviews about the product!


It is undeniable that sex toys are a game-changer, and the world is starting to accept the benefits of using them. However, manufacturers forgot that men must experience different kinds of sex toys as well. This is why Tracy’s Dog came up with this very advanced male mastrubator – Turboo, so men can enjoy the newest technology of sex toys.

It is affordable without compromising the quality of the product and the experience it gives to every man. So, gentlemen, get up and grab your Turboo Automatic Masturbation Cup, because it’s about to take you on a wild ride.

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