Gest Glove | Wearable Device Allows You To Control Your PC Or Mobile Device

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The future is here, and it’s pretty obvious recently. We have so many inventions that were once only featured in Sci-Fi movies, and the one we’ll talk about today is just like that. Gest Gloves are going to give you the possibility to control your PC without an actual keyboard or mouse, just by clicking your fingers in mid-air. Check out what they’re like…

Just imagine: you’re sitting at your computer, and just by moving your hand or one of your fingers, you’re editing a photo in Photoshop. Or, when you use both of them, you type! Well, no need to imagine anymore – this is exactly how Gest Gloves work. Letting you use your hands in a much more intuitive way, these gloves were made to become a natural part of your body. The idea is not to have to think about what you are doing – just do it.

A man wearing Gest Gloves

Use both hands to type, or just one to edit an image in Photoshop, play or mute music or turn on the lights.

Gest Glove will allow you to program custom gestures for actions you need – just do what you feel like doing. All you have to do is make the movement you want and then just tie it to the glove. Switch screens, rotate 3D objects, adjust brightness, contrast and other parameters, type, or think of another something else you want to try. Extremely versatile, the glove serves your every need. Another thing – it connects to your Android or iOS device, which means that you can control almost anything with it – for example, your lights, or your music. Everything is at the tip of your fingers with Gest Glove – use this possibility to make your life so much easier and more functional.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Gest Glove

Connecting to your iOS or Android, this little gadget will change your life forever, adding to its functionality and making it so much easier.

Check out the story behind Gest Gloves…

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