Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit


We never know when disaster will strike. A zombie apocalypse scenario is just one of the possibilities and to survive it, it’s crucial to have the proper equipment. Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit has everything you need to defend yourself from different types of attacks.

This kit includes seven mighty weapons- three knives, three machetes and an axe. So, let’s introduce the weapons! The knives, the Epic, the DMF Folder, and the LMF II Infantry are all made to serve a different purpose. You can use them as a spear tip, for cutting all sort of things, opening bottles and aiming for zombie heads.

Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit Knife

Knives in Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit are great for close combat.

As for the machetes, the kit includes three- the Gator, the Gator Pro, and the Parang. The Gator has two types of edges, both fine and serrated, great for cutting branches. Gator Pro is multi-purposed since it can be used as an axe, machete, brush thinner, or even as a knife. The last of the machetes is the Bear Grylls Survival Series Parang with an angled blade. The fact that it’was used on The Walking Dead episodes tells you that it’s ready to protect you from deadly bites.

Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit Machetes And An Axe

The kit also includes three machetes- the Gator, the Gator Pro, the Parang and Gerber Camp Axe II.

The last weapon in the kit is the Gerber Camp Axe II. This all-purpose hand axe has a forged steel head and a glass-filled nylon handle, great for close encounters. All the weapons are packed in a durable roll-up canvas that makes it easy to transport it.

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A Guy Holding Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

The black durable roll-up canvas fits all the weapons and will make it easier to transport them but also to pack them in a compact way.

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