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Camping equipment is getting more and more advanced and while the focus is primarily on tents, sleeping bags and other accessories, you mustn’t forget a good saw for cutting firewood to keep warm. The Gerber 31-002820 Freescape Camp Saw is a very compact, safe and highly efficient saw that features an innovative design. It features four pivot points that allow you to use the full length of the blade while cutting through larger diameter wood.

The Freescape Camp Saw features a 12-inch blade that can be safely tucked in to get it out of the way by simply folding the tool. Although it’s highly portable and compact, the assembly of this tool is pretty quick and simple and requires no tools whatsoever. For easy handling and a better user experience, the saw also features a grippy padded handle to ensure a steady, comfortable grip. When you’re done using it, just fold the tool flat and pack it in your backpack, gear kit or camp bin, without the fear of losing any vital parts.

Gerber 31-002820 Freescape Camp Saw, on a white background.

The Freescape Camp Saw has four pivot points that allow efficient energy distribution over the entire 12-inch blade

The Camp saw features an innovative foldable but firm design with an efficient blade that’s very easy to replace when required. The handle is made from glass-filled nylon while the frame is made from steel. The dimensions of the saw when open are 14.5” x 7.0 x 1.1” (36.8 x  17.8 x  2.8 cm). When it’s closed and ready for packing, the dimensions shrink to 13.8” x 1.8”  x 1.1” (35.1 x 4.6 x 2.8 cm). The weight of the saw is 14.8 oz. (420 g).

Gerber 31-002820 Freescape Camp Saw, folded flat, on a white background.

The saw features a rubber-padded handle and it can be folded flat to easily store it inside a backpack, gear kit or camp bin

The Freescape Camp Saw features a black rubber grippy handle with bright green accents so you’ll be able to spot it among the other gear. If you’re looking for a compact, safe, and highly efficient saw to add to your other camping equipment, this innovative foldable design is very efficient and easy to carry anywhere. Thanks to the rubber on the handle, this tool will make a reliable companion in all weather conditions.

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