Are you one of those guys who always gets to save the day when, for example, some device gets broken or the light goes out unexpectedly?

If you are, then your readiness to act in these kinds of situation depends on your equipment as well, and it’s not like you would go around with a box of tools all the time. But, guess what, Gerber now presents you with a new product – Gerber FIT Multi-Tool – it has everything you need, and it perfectly fits into your pocket!

Gerber Fit multi-tool

Gerber FIT Multi-Tool is certainly not the only tool of this kind. However, what distinguishes it in the vast heap of other such tools is the 1 AAA battery that powers the 25 Lumen L.E.D. flashlight, which happens to be perfectly aligned with the extra-long screwdriver that has an interchangeable Phillips and flat head on it. This allows you to turn on the flashlight and see what you are working on, and also to reach into the cramped spaces, which typical multi-tools can’t help you with.

Gerber Fit multi-tool

Apart from the fine edge and partially serrated blade, the main compartment includes a pair of spring loaded scissors, tweezers, and also, a little deeper into the tool you can find a punch and another micro Phillips screwdriver. But this is not all. Another ace up your sleeve could be the bottle opener that also happens to be a part of this amazing multifunctional pocket device you won’t part from.

With its modern design, Gerber FIT Multi-Tool pleases the eye as well. With the overall length of 8.5 inches, closed length of 4 inches, and weight of 5.3 ounces, it is encased in smooth anodized aluminum, and available in orange or blue, according to your wishes.

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Gerber Fit multi-tool with flashlight

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