The George & Willy Torch Style Firestarter


Fire’s always been an important factor in people’s lives. Many are still using it to stay warm in the winter. If you’re one of those, or if you simply like to sit by the fireplace with your lover, we’ve got a tool to help you light up the atmosphere. If it takes you too long to start the fire and things get messy, that can be a mood killer. The George & Willy Firestarter is a simple, sophisticated way to make the perfect fire every time.

The George & Willy Firestarter kit’s a complete set of tools that you can use right away. It includes a rectangular vessel in black that’s used to hold the lamp oil and a matching firestone rod. What you need to do is simply fill the vessel with oil, and soak the stone in it for a while. The ceramic stone’s porous so it‘ll absorb an amount of oil that‘s sufficient to maintain a 15-20 minutes flame. There’s no more need for kindling, newspaper or anything like that.

The George & Willy Firestarter, pouring oil into the vessel with a rod in it. Brick wall and fireplace in the background.

Fill the vessel with lamp oil and let the fire stone soak in it for about 30 minutes to produce a solid 15-20 minutes flame.

When the stone’s well soaked, roll it in ashes a little bit, and then light it. Put the lit firestone in the fireplace and cover with firewood. After about 15 minutes, the firewood will be ignited so you can remove the firestone. Let it cool for a while before you put it back in the vessel, and that’s it. Starting a fire is no longer a fuss, thanks to the George & Willy Firestarter!

George & Willy Firestarter fire stone, being lit with a match, fireplace and fire wood in the background.

The fire stone’s made of a specifically engineered porous ceramics so it can absorb a significant amount of oil.

The George & Willy Firestarter comes is a plywood box along with lamp oil, instructions, and matches so it’s ready for use. This fire starter can be used both for open fires, and wood burners. Besides being 100% reliable, this revolutionary tool also looks quite elegant. The vessel serves as an oil container and as a firestone holder, and both come in black. The vessel has a good capacity so you’ll need to refill it only twice or three times per year with regular lamp oil. Invest in this elegant and user-friendly tool and it’ll save you a lot of time, effort, and other resources.

George & Willy Firestarter fire stone, lit, used to ignite the fire wood in a fireplace.

Thanks to George & Willy Firestarter you’ll be able to start the fire every time without kindling or newspaper.

Check out how easy it is to start a fire with the George & Willy Firestarter here:

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