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With gas prices on a continuous rise, more and more people have taken to cycling as a way to commute, have fun and get some exercise. Perhaps you have even considered an eBike but felt that your pedal bike would just go to waste then. Well, the GeoOrbital aims to change that forever.

Originally inspired by the bikes on the movie Tron, it’s easy to see where the GeoOrbital got its design. It’s smooth, sleek and looks awesome. The best part is that you need not throw out your old pedal bike because the GeoOrbital is a wheel that turns your bike into an eBike in less than 60 seconds with no tools required. You simply remove your old front wheel, clip the GeoOrbital in, clip the throttle to the handle bar and off you go.

A close up of the GeoOrbital motor and two pictures of it being used

The GeoOrbital uses a 36V/500W motor that can make you go from 0 to 20 mph in 6 seconds!

The GeoOrbital has the ability to make you go from 0-20 mph (32 km/h) in 6 seconds flat! Without any pedaling assistance, the GeoOrbital has a range of 20 miles but with assistance, you can reach 50 miles with it. It does this by utilizing a 36V 500 Watt Brushless motor that is powered by a 36V/10Ah Lithium-ion battery. The battery is completely removable and interchangeable as well as charges fully in 4 hours. Of course, when not using the throttle, the GeoOrbital has regenerative properties that charge the battery while braking, pedaling and cruising down a hill. Because having a Tron-like bike is not cool enough, the battery can be used as a powerbank and even has a built in USB port to power lights, charge your phone or power a portable speaker. The GeoOrbital is compatible with most bicycle sizes and comes into two different sizes.

GeoOrbital fitted onto a mini penny-farthing bicycle

The GeoOrbital is compatible with almost any bicycle.

At the moment, the GeoOrbital is busy with a Kickstarter campaign that has already smashed its goal of $75,000 and they are currently standing on $537,213. Check out the video below.

So, with the early-bird specials going so quick, you better jump and preorder yours from Kickstarter here.

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