Gemmy 12 Ft Inflatable Deluxe Movie Screen


Summer is here and that means you should take advantage of the nice weather and spend more time outdoors. So, next time you have friends over, why don’t you head out to the backyard, set up a huge movie screen and make yourself an outdoor movie theater? If you like that idea, then check out Gemmy 12 Ft Inflatable Deluxe Movie Screen.

The first thing to mention about the Gemmy 12 Ft Inflatable Deluxe Movie Screen is that it self-inflates. Once you plug it in, it will inflate in just a few minutes. While you get the drinks and decide what movie to watch the screen will be ready.

Inflated Gemmy Movie Screen

Once you plug it in, it takes only a few minutes for Gemmy 12 Ft Deluxe Movie Screen to inflate.

When it’s deflated, Gemmy 12 Ft Inflatable Deluxe Movie Screen is easily portable. Also, you won’t have any problems storing it since it comes in a nice bag that can fit almost anywhere. Besides the screen and the bag, in the pack you get tethers, yard stakes and a fan. As for the size of the screen itself, it’s 11ft 8 inches diagonally. Check out the video below.

People Outdoors Looking At Gemmy 12 Ft Inflatable Deluxe Movie Screen

This movie screen is easy to pack and store.

The two fans don’t make a lot of noise but you should try to always use a good pair of speakers. Just connect them to your projector and you won’t hear the blowers. With 12 ft. in height and a widescreen, all of your friends will have a good view so all that’s left is for you to have a great time.

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