Gauswheel Spirit | 2 Wheel Unicycle

You want something with the stability of a bicycle, but smaller? You want something like a skateboard or a scooter, but faster? Well, the Hungarians created exactly that. The Gauswheel Spirit is the perfect combination of those three.

It’s made for an urban environment and although it may seem like a unicycle it has two wheels, one big in the back, and one smaller, almost unnoticeable in the front. The big wheel is basically a bicycle wheel, 20 inches big, and the smaller one has just 6 inches.

Gauswheel Spirit 2 Wheel Unicycle

The Gauswheel Spirit is a combination of bike, skateboard and scooter.

Gauswheel Spirit 2 Wheel Unicycle

The smaller wheel has just 6 inches.

The braking system is very advanced and easy to use. The main, big wheel has a hydraulic disc brake that is activated via a lever that you hold in your hand while driving. At first, it may seem very unstable but the Gauswheel Spirit is equipped with two gripping platforms on both sides of the big wheel, and a handle that you can hold onto while riding.

Gauswheel Spirit 2 Wheel Unicycle

It doesn’t have an engine. It is powered by human strength.

Gauswheel has a very bulky look, and may seem like it has an engine of some sort, but don’t let that fool you, it’s powered strictly by human strength. The way it works is that you put your right or left foot on the platform, and then you push yourself forward with the other one.

Gauswheel Spirit 2 Wheel Unicycle

It’s really fun to ride it.

The inside of the construction is covered with foam for a more comfortable riding experience. It can be a little tricky at first until you get the hang of it, but it’s definitely a fun and quick way to get around in the urban areas. It’s not very big, so if you’re traveling somewhere far away from home, you can easily put it in your car and bring it with you.

Gauswheel Spirit 2 Wheel Unicycle

This vehicle is perfect for a riding with friends.

This very futuristic and one of a kind vehicle has a number of different models. From the “Spirit Stage 1+”, which is a standard one, to the “Spirit Stage 3” or “Spirit Stage 3 Brake”, and many more. Of course, these advanced models are more expensive, but you can purchase the standard one for the price of 289 US dollars.

The Gauswheel Spirit is a fantastic way to quickly move around the city and look cool. So if you are ready to embark on an urban riding adventure, this is the vehicle for you.

Check out this video and see how this urban vehicle works:

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