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At CES 2016, Garmin introduced a new addition to their line of smart cycling devices. Varia Vision allows cyclists to increase road awareness by checking stats while keeping eyes on the road. This weather resistant device provides all the necessary information and keeps you focused on the road.

Varia Vision can be attached to either the left or right side of your sunglasses. Probably one of the most important feature is its weight. The featherweight design makes it weight just 1 oz. There’s a touch screen panel on the side of it so you can easily switch between displays. If you’re wearing gloves there’s no need to take them off in order to use the display since it works great with them on.

Garmin Varia Vision Attached To Sunglasses

Varia Vision is attached to sunglasses and provides all the necessary cycling stats. It weighs just 1 oz.

The display has a built-in ambient light sensor that makes sure data is visible even in direct sunlight. In order for it to work you can pair the Varia Vision with other compatible Garmin devices like Edge 1000, Edge 520 and Varia Rearview Radar. This allows you to see performance data, directions, heart rate, power, speed and even detailed navigation prompts and distance to turn.

Garmin Varia Vision On A Cyclist

Varia Vision is compatible with other Garmin smart cycling devices like Edge 1000, Edge 520 and Varia Rearview Radar.

If you pair the Varia Vision with Varia Rearview Radar you’ll get notifications of vehicles approaching from behind. At any given time, the display can show up to 4 crucial data fields along with color-coded graphic displays.

A View From Garmin Varia Vision

A line of vision with Garmin Varia Vision on.

Varia Vision vibrates when you complete a lap, receive a call or a text, or leave a workout zone. One more thing we shouldn’t forget to mention is the battery. It lasts 8 hours, which is twice as much compared to Jet, a similar device made by Recon Instruments. [via]

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Check out the Varia Vision’s promo video. 

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