Garmin is one of the most famous companies that deals with GPS. Their products have shown the way to vessels, aircrafts as well as to general public, so Garmin is considered pretty high-end and reliable. This is why anything that comes from them draws attention. Especially when it is a GPS enabled watch such as the Garmin Tactix.

We have already presented some GPS enabled watches, namely the Garmin Fenix 2Polar RC3 GPS Tour De France and the Suunto Ambit, but the Garmin Tactix definitely deserves a few words. It is packed with various features that make it perfect for tactical as well as recreational missions, training and so much more. Apart from being GPS enabled, it is also a real watch with added altimeter, 3-axis compass, barometer and tracker that include 10,000 track points, 1,000 waypoints and TracBack.

Garmin Tactix GPS Watch 1

Moreover, the Garmin Tactix is waterproof to the depths of 50 meters, which is the best of all of the mentioned GPS watches. Its matte black finish fits its nature perfectly. Its rugged build shows that it is intended to be used in a lot grittier conditions than its counterparts. This is further accentuated by the fact that it is non-reflective and that its green LED backlight does not flare out night vision. This is serious equipment that even professionals will benefit from.

Garmin Tactix GPS Watch 6

When it comes to its GPS capability, the small package allows you to create routes, record up to 1,000 waypoints and keep track logs. Apart from navigating to routes and tracks, you can also use coordinates. The track log is also used by the very useful TracBack feature that makes navigating in difficult terrains and conditions a lot safer and easier.

You can also share your tracks or trip plans with your friends via BaseCampTM and BaseCamp Mobile. In addition, Tactix also features ANT + TM and Bluetooth that allows you to connect wirelessly with numerous other devices.

Garmin Tactix GPS Watch 4

ABC sensors for altimeter (that gives real time elevation information), barometer (that helps you get insight into weather predictions based on air pressure figures) and compass are automatically calibrated according to the GPS receiver. This receiver also provides time information that is automatically set according to your location.

Garmin is definitely on top of their game in this field, so if you are a professional, or just a very dedicated outdoor enthusiast, the price of $357 should not be a big obstacle.

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Garmin Tactix GPS Watch 3

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