Not being able to afford a sweet ride and all the high tech perks which they come with today can sometimes be a bit frustrating, but luckily there are companies which bring awesome features in small and affordable packages. Garmin has released the nüviCam LMTHD Portable Navigation Device which, apart from being an excellent navigation device, brings a ton of useful features with it. The first cool thing about it is that it comes with a built in high definition dashcam which will record everything on its microSD card and automatically save files upon collision, along with the GPS location and time of impact. This navigation device also brings many premium driver-assist features including the Forward Collision Warning which alerts if you are are getting too close to the car in front of you.

Garmin nüviCam LMTHD HD camera

This navigation device is equipped with an HD dashcam

The nüviCam LMTHD also boasts the Lane Departure Warning which sends alerts in case you start moving off of the road. It also alerts you when approaching speed and school zones and has photoReal Junction View, Bird’s Eye Junction View, and FourSquare data which shows you the latest points of interest. As for its navigational features, it offers voice-activated navigation for a hands-free approach.

Garmin nüviCam LMTHD navigation features

Apart from offering excellent driver-assist features, this device has great navigation features

It also boasts the Active Lane Guidance system which can prepare you for an exit, Garmin Real Vision which assists deciphering hard-to-see house numbers with a directional arrow, and Garmin Real Directions which assist you in your search for the set location. There is also a feature called Up Ahead, which shows you nearby services like restaurants, gas stations etc.

Garmin nüviCam LMTHD magnetic mount

It is held in place by a magnetic mount which also serves as a charger

The nüviCam LMTHD works excellently in conjunction with the Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera that will allow you to use the backup view while driving in reverse. As it is a Bluetooth enabled device, you can connect it to your phone so you can make hands-free calls. All of its awesome features can be accessed by using its 6″ pinch-to-zoom screen. This nifty navigation device is held in place by a magnetic mount that also serves as its charger. All in all, this device is more than worth the buy because it offers the latest driver-assist features in a portable and compact package.

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Check out the video presentation of the Garmin nüviCam LMTHD Portable Navigation Device.

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