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In order to escape the consequences of every day stress and tension, many people have resorted to practicing yoga regularly. There are many types of yoga to choose from: ananda, anusara, ashtnaga, bikram, hatha and many many more.

The one we are going to discuss here is a most peculiar combination; the intentional pairing of yoga and cannabis. The teacher of this type of yoga, Dee Dussault, is the first one to offer classes of ganja yoga outside of India.

Ganja Yoga

Ganja Yoga, the relaxation-focused yoga

This type of yoga is advertised as an exploration of the mind, body and breath in a slow and groovy way. Apart from the obvious use of cannabis, this discipline incorporates the techniques usually used in hatha yoga which is based on mindfulness, relaxation and journeying. Ganja yoga encourages the modification of each posture to your current state of mind. The instructions of your teacher shouldn’t be considered as strict orders but more like guidelines which will help you achieve your desired state of relaxation. If you would like to try this yoga discipline but are unsure about whether of not you can trust Dee Dussault with this experience, rest assured as you are in good hands. Dee Dussault is a certified yoga instructor and was the first one to bring ganja and clothing-free yoga to the USA.

Buddha and weed

Pick your way of consuming cannabis and relax away

As for the arrangements for ganja yoga with Dee, you can have a solo class, a class for couples or even a group of friends. The rates for a single student class start from $180 and $200 for two students (each additional student adds another $25). Dee also offers the Premium Bliss retreat option for extremely busy people who can’t take much time from work. This option is customized specifically towards your needs and your instructor will be with you every step of the way offering 2 hour long sessions for five weeks and even regularly sending you emails. One important thing to mention is that in order to participate in the ganja yoga you have to bring your own cannabis (you can consume it in any way you would like) as Dee only offers advice on which strains you should use.

Dee Dussault and students

Certified yoga instructor, Dee Dussault, doing what she does best

Achieving the necessary level of relaxation is sometimes hard to do, and if you are looking for some help and happen to live in San Francisco, Vancouver or Toronto then check out what Dee Dussault has to offer in her ganja yoga classes. [via]

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