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Winter is here and besides some heavy, snow boots you’re going to need some stylish winter boots for those cold, but dry periods during this season. Gando boots by Oliberte are warm, stylish and completely made of durable camel leather which will make your Gando boot last very long.

Gando boot is a 6-inch combat boot that is made in Ethiopia. Completely covered with 2 types of leather, camel, and goat, this boot will provide you with much-needed warmth and comfort during winter months. This model comes with a few different color options. The brown one with the yellow pull-up, the black one with the red pull-up and also one black model with gray pull-up.

Two boots photographed from the side.

These boots are 100% made of camel and goat leather.

What’s good about the color options is that all the colors can be easily matched with any outfit. Of course, since they’re made for colder weather conditions, the boots are colored a little bit darker, so it’s perfect to wear them during autumn and winter. The rough crepe sole is made completely out of rubber and it’s created in a way that they produce a good amount of traction. So, you won’t have to worry that much about slipping and falling during the winter months.

Rubber sole photographed from the front.

The rubber sole is very rugged and it creates traction, so you won’t have problems walking on slippery surfaces.

The lining is 100% made of goat leather created in a way to allow your foot to breathe all the time. There will be no sweating or unpleasant odors even if you spend your whole day in these Gando boots. Besides the regular sizes these boots have a little bit of an extra space, intentionally left in the toe area, just in case.

Gando boot photographed from the side.

This boot will allow your foot to breathe at all times, so there will be no sweating.

Since this is a boot made to last more than just one year, you should know how to extend the life of your Gando boots. Keep them clean with a clean cloth or brush, and always remember to leave them to air dry completely before doing any other cleaning. In that way, the leather will last much longer, and it won’t fade away. If you’re able, try to treat your boots with some mink oil or all-natural leather conditioner. Those two will also keep the camel leather smooth and shiny.

Christmas is in just a few days, treat yourself or your loved ones right. Gando boots by Oliberte could be a nice gift for this holiday season.

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Boot captured from the side.

Treat your boots with some mink oil or all-natural leather conditioner to keep the leather shiny.

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