Galaxy Bedding Allows You To Sleep Under The Stars


We can all admit it, humans, being the creative creatures that we are, enjoy nice things. We enjoy good music, good art, and all things that are aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention that we have a fascination with the natural world around us, and outer space truly is a mesmerizing place. Now, with the Galaxy Bedding you can bring a piece of that wide Universe into your home.

Comfortable, as well as unique, this Galaxy Bedding will literally allow you to sleep under the stars.

Galaxy Bedding showcased in a room

This artist’s representation of a spiral galaxy makes a superb addition to your room.

Even though it is an artist’s representation, the Galaxy that is featured on this bedding would be our closest galactic neighbor. That neighbor, of course, is the one and only Andromeda Galaxy. The reverse side of this duvet set is completely black, but it does add something special to your room.

Galaxy Bedding with dog

The Galaxy Bedding features a 100% cotton design with a thread count of 400.

This duvet set comes with a 400 thread count sheet duvet cover, and one or two pillowcases. The pillowcases depends on which size you decide to order. It’s constructed out of 100% cotton for comfort, and it’s available in both Twin/Full or Queen/King.

Get some fine sheets for your bed here as well.

Get it from ThinkGeek here.

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