Over the 30 years of the brand’s existence, the Tokyo-based electronics manufacturer Casio has built a world-acclaimed reputation for their G-Shock wristwatches which combine sturdy built and reliable performance, albeit their pieces do lack an extra dash or two of design sophistication and visual refinement. However, the company seems to have finally decided to do away with this aesthetic shortcoming and set out to create their first ultra-stylish watch edition – and now, after two years of development, G-Shock MT-G Metal Twisted collection has been introduced at the ‘Shock The World 2013’ event in New York to mark the G-Shock 30th anniversary and their new stainless steel models are looking pretty sharp so you will actually want to have the new Casio on even on that top-notch business meeting or even your wedding day.

Featuring three classy models (MTGS1000D-1A in polished stainless steel and resin, MTGS1000BD-1A elegant black ion-plated stainless steel and resin and black ion-plated MTGS1030BD-1A with gold highlights and metallic band with red panel accents), the G-Shock MT-G Metal Twisted line presents a more prestigious look than the iconic platicky Casio design found in their other wristpieces while preserving the same degree of tough build, advanced watch technology and premium construction materials. In the Casio’s latest MTG S1000D-1A model, you get a refined chronograph packed inside a 3 millimeters thick forged stainless steel case sizing 58.6 x 53.5 x 15.5 millimeters, with premium 3D Index with a three-dimensional, layered dial built from individually molded parts for clear visibility, all topped by a sapphire crystal glass with non-reflective anti-glare coating.

G-Shock MT-G Twisted Metal

The watch interior utilizes the G-Shock signature Core Guard Structure technology and is coated with shock-absorbing resin and alpha gel for maximum protection and long-term operational integrity of the timepiece mechanism. Due to its steel construction, the MTG S1000D-1A weighs considerably more than the previous plastic G-Shock models: unlike the original 2.8-ounce G-Shock, the new model weighs as many as 6.6 ounces. On top of that, the G-Shock MTG S1000D-1A model comes with a unique Tough Solar panel on the main dial coupled with Neo-brite luminous hands for all-time reliable time-readings. The G-Shock Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping system ensures unparalleled accuracy and global time telling reliability through radio-controlled wireless time and date updates received from atomic clocks worldwide. Like previous Casio wristpieces, the latest watch boasts the well-known Triple G Resist enhancement which combines ultimate shock-protection and vibration- and centrifugal force-resistance. Other G-Shock MTG S1000D-1A specs include Casio’s Tough Movement, non-slip buttons for simple handling, water resistance to 200 meters, elegant band panels lined with soft low-thermal resin on the underside for maximum comfort and attached to a one-touch three-fold buckle and the brand’s Smart Access technology which lets the wearer intuitively access all main watch functions by unlocking the quick-lock electronic crown and turning the knob to the preferred direction.

G-Shock MT-G Twisted Metal MTGS1000

Function-wise, G-Shock MT-G Metal Twisted MTG S1000D-1A provides a 1/20 second chronograph with pre-programmed auto-calendar until the year 2099, a date and day display, dual time with 12/24 hour formats, 29 selectable time zones, city and code display, beeper alarm, countdown timer with 120 minute range and daylight saving on/off options. The latest Casio G-Shock model is equipped with a solar rechargeable battery with power saving capabilities and low-battery alerts which is said to deliver reliable time readings for an incredible five months on a full charge (without further solar power). So, are you ready to start toting around your first super-classy Casio wristpiece? If your answer is ‘Yes’, order MTG S1000D-1A now and enjoy your time in supreme Casio style – because this is the first G-Shock evergreen wristwatch that will tell time with the same style, reliability and accuracy for generations on end.

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