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The G-Shock Gravity Master GA1000 Series is, currently, the best possible option for modern aviators when it comes to the aspects of functionality and style. The watches in this series proudly boast the Twin Sensor feature which allows them to enter a Digital Compass mode and perform continual directional readings for up to 20 seconds. At a simple press of a button you shift between these two operating modes. The continual directional reading is displayed through the upper display which shows the literal direction indicator, the lower display which shows the direction angle value and through the use of the second hand which points to north. Both of these modes can be used in conjunction with the Bearing Memory feature which this series is equipped with in order to store and later display you reading for future reference.

Twin Sensors

The Twin Sensors feature make these watches a must have for aviators

Apart from being equipped with several immensely useful aviation features, the GA-1000 Series boasts superb craftsmanship. The Triple G technology used in the making of this series allows these watches to withstand shocks, centrifugal gravity and vibrations, which are the three basic types of gravitational acceleration, and remain unscathed and fully functional.

GA1000 Series durability

Every part of these watches are made to withstand a lot of punishment

The dial of these watches is protected by a scratch-resistant, high-clarity sapphire crystal which offers both durability and visibility which are a must have for aviators. Even the band used is not something that will disappoint you because a carbon fiber insert was molded into it to produce the toughest band yet.

GA1000 Series variations

The watches in this series come in many different styles

Along with the Twin Sensor features and its commendable sturdiness the watches from the GA-1000 Series are equipped with temperature measurement, large numerals, and thick hands for easy reading. The coating on the tip of the second hand and minute markers react with the black light illumination of the watches so you can use them in complete dark.

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