G-Clamp Bottle Opener


We all know that whilst working on that project in your garage, that you will get thirsty. Well, at least we know that we do. Working on your own project has a certain satisfaction that is difficult to explain, but a brew makes it even better. However, chances are that finding a bottle opener in your workshop is a futile search. Thankfully for us, this is no longer a concern thanks to the G-Clamp Bottle Opener.

Easy to use, even easier to apply, the G-Clamp Bottle Opener was designed to make your projects roll smoothly and efficiently, cold brew in hand.

G-Clamp Bottle Opener opening a bottle

Simply fasten to a table, and you have a handy bottle opener to drink a brew while you work. Or, to celebrate afterwards.

Essentially, the G-Clamp serves a dual purpose. Besides having a bottle opener built into its spine, it also works as a fully functional clamp. This allows you to securely fasten that piece of wood, while still be able to crack a cold one at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, it can also be used pretty much anywhere you might need a bottle opener. This makes it great for parties, simply clamp it to a table and everybody knows where the opener is.

The G-Clamp is constructed out of durable cast iron. It also measures 20mm wide, 110mm in height, and 60mm in depth and weighs 232 grams.

Get it from Amazon here.

G-Clamp Bottle Opener with its packaging

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