We’ve heard of many types of hammocks, but the under-desk one, intended solely for relaxation of your feet, is novelty even for us. A rather ingenious product, wouldn’t you say? Fuut Hammock, which is the product’s name, should definitely become a staple in every office. Everybody knows that a comfortable and relaxing workspace increases productivity, so why not acquire this foot hammock for your office. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “putting your feet up”.

The hammock is designed by Korean company Connect Design, and is completely adjustable. Made from a piece of canvas connected to ropes and clips, Fuut Hammock provides you with two different settings – ‘work’ and ‘rest’ – meaning that you lower this mini-hammock when you are working and raise it when you are resting. It also comes in a number of colours – navy, yellow, orange, olive green, pink and white.

So, instead of resting your tired and crampy feet on a stool, a garbage bin or a box (all wrong choices if you ask us since they all move too much), get yourself a Fuut Hammock and problem solved! You will experience a whole new level of comfort and your feet will be eternally grateful to you. No more stiff necks, back pain and leg cramps.

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Fuut Feet Hammock

Under desk feet hammock

Fuut Hammock for feet

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