Future Hotel Showcase Room in Duisburg, Germany, a joint effort of the LAVA architects and Fraunhofer IAO (Institute for Work Organization) is possibly the most innovative hotel concept released to date.

Completed in 2008 as part of Fraunhofer’s IAO Inhaus2 program, a platform dedicated to delivering the hotel experience of the future in the present, Future Hotel Showcase Room successfully blurs the lines between the cutting-edge technology, architecture and natural design.

The strongest emphasis of the design is put on the human comfort. This is everything but high-tech for the sake of high-tech: the wonders of technology are smartly used to provide maximum comfort while staying virtually invisible. The striking features of Future Hotel Showcase Room include anti-jet-lag lights, active comfort bed, personal spa area, intelligent mirror and a large fully integrated media display window.

Future Hotel Bed and Table

The design itself is appropriately organic, featuring curves and smooth transitions and making the place feel more human than anything we have seen thus far.

The team consisting of Tobias Wallisser, Chris Bosse, Alexander Rieck with Kadri Kaldam, Martin Völkle and Jan Saggau made a true masterpiece of interior design, a groundbreaking concept that shows the best possible direction the hotel design may go.

See more details about this unique hotel room in the gallery and the video below:

Future Hotel Bed lights dimmed in the room

Future Hotel Bathroom Design

Future Hotel Floor Plan

[via ArchDaily]

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