The Italian footwear manufacturer Vibram is known for quality products and especially for innovations in sole technology which changed the way we view shoes. Initially made famous by its military footwear, Vibram’s production has since expanded into various forms of heavy duty, performance footgear designed for all kinds of outdoor activities. Their newest idea is to circumvent the well known problems regarding store bought shoes like a less than perfect fit or the encumbering feeling one gets from heavy boots. Vibram’s solution to these problems is called Furoshiki Shoes. Designed by Masaya Hashimoto, the shoes are inspired by a traditional Japanese type of wrapping cloth called Furoshiki, used for carrying various goods as far back as the Edo period (some 400 years ago).

Vibram Furoshiki Shoes

The newest concept from Vibram, Furoshiki Shoes

Forget laces. Furoshiki Shoes wrap snugly around your foot, fastened by velcro and providing maximum freedom of movement. The ergonomic sole is made of a compound Vibram has named Wavegrip. This compound is 10% lighter than rubber and has unparalleled grip qualities in wet situations which make it ideal for various water activities. The upper part of the shoe consists of an elastic material which ensures a comfortable fit for all the different foot types.

Vibram Furoshiki Shoes

Easy to put on, Furoshiki Shoes hug to your feet

The guys at Vibram are calling the shoes: “the first ever wrapping sole” and  believe that this new concept will change the footwear sector. Lightweight and non constricting, Furoshiki Shoes are ideal for all sorts of activities, be it long city walks, spending time at the beach or going on a light trek. They are currently only available in Vibram stores in Japan and they come in five colors: Black, Violet, Jeans, Pearls and Agua Marina.

Vibram Furoshiki Shoes

The “Wavegrip” sole will ensure you never lose your footing

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