Fun Ideas to Enjoy the Euros with Friends

With the long-awaited Euro 2020 now taking place, you are surely going to want to enjoy the experience with your friends.

Fortunately, there are a great many ways to make this tournament enjoyable for you and your friends as a group. This article aims to elucidate how to make the most of the tournament while it is here.

Things You Should Know About the Euros

First of all, there are some things about the Euros that you should absolutely know before you go any further. The tournament started on the 11th of June and will continue to take place until the 11th of July. There are a total of 24 teams playing, each split into six groups of four, each competing against each other in the 11 cities across the EU that are hosting the games. All of the matches in the Euro will be broadcast across the world, allowing fans like you to watch along.

Watch it Together

The first and most obvious way that you and your friends can engage with the Euro 2020 together is to watch the games together. By doing so, you can chat, laugh, and even bet on the games; you could even look up information such as Euro 2020 top goalscorer odds. In fact, watching the games together is the best way for you to all keep up on the progress of the Euros together. However, with the number of matches and the length of time that the Euros will continue on for, it isn’t completely feasible to get together to watch every match. This means that you’ll have to pick and choose which matches you want to get together to watch.

Make a Day of the Big Matches

When you do get together, though, you can really make certain that you’ll have a great time. By making a day of the bigger, more important matches, you can be certain that Euro 2020 is a tournament that you and your friends will always remember fondly. Here are a few ways that you can make the day special.


Nothing says a good day with friends like sizzling meat and the summer sunshine. With the great weather this summer has been bringing; a barbeque could be the perfect way for you and your mates to commemorate the most important games in the Euro 2020 lineup.

Play a Game Yourselves

If you’re making an entire day of it, why not get together early and play a little football between yourselves. It’s a great way to get yourselves pumped up for the match and to have a great time between yourselves as well.

Catch Up with a Drink

On top of all this, you can chill in the summer sun, have a drink with your friends, and catch up on anything and everything you want to talk about, whatever that might be. In addition, you’ll always have the Euros to lean on if the conversation starts to lull, and that means you can really have a great chat together.

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