If you are familiar with the X-T1 from Fujifilm’s X series, then you will absolutely adore the X-T10. Fujifilm has been making excellent high performance mirrorless cameras and their latest model takes the features that worked the best in the X-T1 and makes it cost less and look smaller. An excellent combination, don’t you think? Most of us appreciated the fine retro design of the X-T1 and the fellas at Fujifilm have decided to stick with it, because why fix something that’s not broken. The retro look is there and so are some of the components from the older model. Most notably the 16 megapixel sensor and processor which do a fine job and there was no need to change it at all.

Fujifilm X-T10 retro look

Fujifilm has decided to keep the awesome retro look in this model

Of course, as you are looking for a new camera, you probably expect it to have some new features and/or components. Don’t worry, the X-T10 has plenty. It is capable of shooting at 8 fps in burst mode and has an updated video autofocus. The regular focus system was also bumped up and now boasts zone selection and reworked subject tracking capabilities. Fujifilm did not want all the people owning a X-T1 to suffer because of these changes which is why they are offering these focus updates via a firmware update.

Fujifilm X-T10

The X-T10 boasts a 920K-dot tilting LCD

The X-T10 features a new 2.36M-dot organic EL electronic viewfinder and has built-in WiFi. As for checking out all the photos you take, you will do so on its 920K-dot tilting LCD. We’ve mentioned that this model will be cheaper than the X-T1 and that is true. Its price starts at $799.95, however this purchase includes body only. If you opt for the 16-50 mm lens you will have to add $100 to the initial price. It can even go higher if you decide to get this model with the 18-55 mm lens ($1099.95). This model is available in two colors: silver and black.

Fujifilm X-T10 price

The price of the X-T10 is a lot smaller, but it can go quite high depending on the lens you opt for

The Fujifilm X-T10 is the perfect alternative for its more expensive counterpart, the X-T1, offering all the features it has, a few new ones, all placed in a compact size. And not to mention again the amazing retro look which makes Fujifilm cameras form this series so popular.

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