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Millennials use coupons, especially online for money-saving activity. According to, around 85% of Americans take advantage of coupons whenever they are shopping. In 2014, shoppers were able to enjoy $3.4 billion by using coupons. Furthermore, the need for online coupons is growing, as research by showed 82% of consumers found digital coupons more convenient and over half of consumers wished retailers would provide more online coupon codes.

But finding online coupon codes can sometimes seem rather clunky. The retailers don’t necessarily advertise their saving codes openly and online searches can provide plenty of dodgy results. There are luckily reliable sites you can use, with Frugaa being one of them. The website offers coupons from over 4,000 retailers in a number of fields such as clothing, food and drink, and electronics.

You have plenty of ways to find the coupon codes on the website. You can search by retailer or Categories. The stores are listed alphabetically and by categories. There are also featured products available to ensure you see what the current trends are.

Know What You’re Getting

When you begin using online coupons, you need to be careful. Finding a reliable website is essential to ensure the coupons are legitimate. In addition, you need to keep a cool head while shopping. You can get rather excited about the offers available and end up buying more stuff than you needed. If you’re not careful, you might spend more than you should, despite the savings.

The benefit to Frugaa is the savings calculator on the website. The calculator is available on the front page, but you’ll also be able to view the savings of individual retailers on their dedicated pages. If you are looking to shop for shoes, you should use the calculator to find the coupons with the most savings, for example.

Find the Extra Savings

Frugaa Social Awards

Collect point and enjoy gifts.

Don’t just rely on the coupons to save money either. Retailers and coupon code sites often provide special schemes that can save more and help you earn rewards while you shop.

If you have a favorite brand, check their website for information on membership schemes. Often the more you shop, the bigger your savings will be in the long run. You can often enjoy things such as gifts and testers as a bonus when you are part of these schemes.

Frugaa Rewards are great for when you might enjoy shopping with coupons instead of focusing on a single retailer. The program is easy to join and you’ll start earning points immediately once you make your first purchase. As a result of collecting enough points, you’ll be able to enjoy gift cards with the variety of retailers from Newegg and Home Decorators Collection.

Keep On Top of Trends

Online shopping can be tricky and you should keep your eyes open at all times. Retailers often run saving schemes that last for a limited time. You’ll also have special coupon code campaigns that can disappear from your radar if you aren’t paying enough attention.

It’s a good idea to follow retailers and coupon sites on social media, as you can select notifications to ensure you don’t miss out on snap deals.

Market research by eMarketer estimated that around 127.5 million Americans would take advantage of digital coupons this year. This is a 5.2% growth rate from last year and the opportunities to save with coupons are likely just going to increase. With it’s definitely a good time to be an online shopper with a savvy mind. If you are looking to save with your shopping, then you should keep an eye on the saving sites and retailers that you love and enjoy.

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