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If you love the sense of freedom that comes along with riding a bike, you’ve got to check this out. The new Freerider Electric Bike by Kuberg will bring this joyful experience to everyone who dares to try it out. Extremely lightweight and powerful, this bike’s perfect for everyone, teens and adults, beginners and experienced riders. With this top-notch bike, the whole family can start enjoying the magnificent feeling of riding a motorcycle. All that power and control, the smells, the temperature changes, the breeze, it’s just such a unique experience that everybody should try.

The Freerider Electric Bike weighs less than 80 lbs., it can develop a maximum speed of 34 mph, and run for an entire hour at top speed. The bike’s 48V motor’s installed in a powder-coated steel tube frame and it also has a hydraulic front disc brake system. The special hardened brake discs are there to slow you down with perfect timing and to ensure brake durability. This bike’s also very versatile, and thanks to the long-travel suspension, and Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires, it’ll show excellent performance even in tough terrains.

A person doing a jump on a Freerider Electric Bike in a natural setting.

The Kuberg Freerider is ideal for tough terrains thanks to the long travel suspension and high-quality tires.

The exclusive customized electronics, the 22 Ah battery pack, and the aggressive design make this machine very exciting and fun to ride. Rugged and powerful, the Freerider Electric Bike’s also fast and sensible. It can accelerate fast, and the suspension system’s perfect for jumps, tricks, and for rough terrains. In addition to this, you can upgrade the bike with multiple add-ons to make it even more powerful. The high-performance together with the sleek design’s what makes this bike the ultimate fun and excitement tool.

A person turning behind the bushes on a Freerider Electric Bike.

The Freerider can quickly accelerate to the speed of 34 mph and maintain it for an entire hour.

The Freerider Electric Bike is made in the EU so you know top quality and durability are guaranteed. The Kuberg components make it dependable and insanely fun! An additional feature you can purchase separately is the dongle. Connect this app to the bike’s sensors and you’ll be able to control and monitor the bike’s functions through your iOS or Android app. You’ll also be able to monitor the battery levels, track rides and share them, and to set the maximum rotation and speed as a sort of a parental control so the kids can’t overdo it.

Kuberg Freerider Electric Bike on a white background, with a caption, side view.

This bike’s sleek design and high performance will give you the ultimate sense of freedom and excitement.

Check out what the Kuberg Freerider can do here:

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