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If you are a smartphone photographer, cinematographer or just into capturing your adventures and experiences in a creative way, you’ve probably heard of GoWorx. Based in Asheville NC, this American team of designers, photographers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and action­ adventure enthusiasts is known for their creative and innovative mounts for GoPro cameras and smartphones. Their newest addition to this market is called FreeRide, and it is designed as a smartphone mount that gives you full freedom to unlock your creative potential.

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FreeRide Mount

FreeRide can easily be mounted almost anywhere

FreeRide is a fully adjustable and versatile smartphone mount that provides a secure platform for your device that can be attached to practically anything, or anywhere. This gives you the freedom to use your smartphone in ways that were impossible before. If you want to attach your phone to a car, drone or bike handlebars, FreeRide can make that happen. The only limit is your creativity. It is compatible with all GoWorx GoPro mounts and traditional camera mounts (via the ¼”-20 universal adapter). The handle has a range from 56.5 mm to 86.5 mm and can secure most smartphone models. The gadget is made of a combination of tough polycarbonate and stainless steel and is water and impact resistant which makes it ideal for outdoor fun with your mobile device.

FreeRide Mount

Your creativity is the only limit for FreeRide

 GoWorx‘s idea is to bring smartphones closer to the possibilities that were previously reserved for GoPro cameras and professional mounts. Their FreeRide Smartphone Mount does just that. It opens these possibilities up and expands your phone’s image capturing potential. The project is currently being funded at Kickstarter where you can order your FreeRide Mount with a pledge of 25$.

Check it out at Kickstarter here.

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