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Electric vehicles are one of the greatest inventions of our time. The first thing that comes to mind may be electric cars, but this trend isn’t just present among the four wheel vehicles. This amazing Stand-Up Scooter “Freedom” by Trikke is the newest and coolest way to move through town.

Over the past 15 years, Trikke produced some iconic and brilliant vehicles, and “Freedom” is no different. The main difference between this and any other stand-up scooter out there is in the platform. Freedom has two platforms for each of your legs, unlike regular scooter that has just one. This gives you more stability during your ride. The two back wheels are easily lifted, so you will have no problems riding across the kerb.

A guy with Freedom Electric Stand Up Trikke

The newest and coolest way to move around: Freedom Electric Stand Up Trikke

A woman with Freedom Electric Stand Up Trikke

The girls can try it too, it’s really easy.

This 3-wheeled trike is powered by the 400-watt motor that is connected to the 240 Wh/6.6 Ah/36-volt lithium battery. This battery, when full, can produce enough energy for an 11-mile-long(18km) journey. The lithium battery is safely placed inside of an aluminium case and when it runs out, it can be easily replaced by the charged one.

The whole engine system is located in the front and it doesn’t take up too much space. The Freedom can develop a 15 mph (24 km/h) top speed. That is pretty fast, but don’t worry, it possesses two sets of reliable breaks on both platforms that will safely slow you down.

A guy with Freedom Electric Stand Up Trikke

Slow down, stop easily and rest a little…

This is a very fun and quick way to get around the city and when you get to your destination, Freedom can be easily folded and it weighs just 37-pounds (17-kg), so you can carry it with you, wherever you go.

The current price of this brand new product by Trikke is $599. You can purchase extra batteries. The standard one(6.6 Ah/11-mile) is $199, and there is also one with more power (9 Ah/15-mile) and it costs $249.

A guy carrying Freedom Electric Stand Up Trikke

It’s very light – take it with you wherever you go.

“Freedom” is an amazing, eco-friendly, three-wheel ride that will quickly and smoothly get you anywhere you want to go, and the best thing is that you’ll have lots of fun in the process. [via]

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Check out this amazing vehicle on Vimeo by from John Simpson

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