Freedom Earbuds | Truly Wireless Earphones From Altec Lansing


There are more and more wireless headphones on the market every day, but the Altec Lansing Freedom Earbuds will take you one step further. They’re being promoted as the “truly wireless” earphones, which means there are no visible cables at all, not even between the two earbuds. Besides being completely wireless, these earphones have a waterproof design and a lengthy battery life so nothing can disrupt or spoil your experience. You can now enjoy the wireless freedom even longer.

Although these aren’t the first ever or the only truly wireless earbuds, the Freedom Earbuds are unique and have a bulkier and rugged look. The advantage that comes with the extra size is the prolonged battery life as Altec Lansing developers were able to embed the lithium-ion batteries that can last for up to six hours of use. In addition to this, the box carries a special treat in the form of a charging carrying case.

Thanks to the additional charging case, you’ll have an extra three hours of charge to use when you don’t have access to a wall socket. You’ll be able to enjoy your music even longer and won’t have to worry as much about running low on battery when you’re away from home or enjoying the great outdoors. The word’s out that the Freedom Earbuds will be available in nine different colors so you’ll have plenty of choices.

Besides the longer battery life, the Freedom Earbuds have integrated buttons to navigate the songs and phone calls. They also have a Bluetooth-based GPS tracking feature with a 100 feet Bluetooth range.  The tracking feature is accessed through an app and it can help users locate the misplaced earbuds. This is a very useful feature for all wireless headphones too as they’re small and there are no wires dangling around, which makes them harder to find in a messy room.

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