We have great news for lovers of boardsports – a new board’s been carving the pavements worldwide for a while and it’s called Freeboard. Having grown increasingly popular in countries like Brazil and Australia, Freeboard is a new and original way to experience street skating, improve your boarding skills and most importantly – have fun on the board!

Designed by a group of San Francisco-based skating enthusiasts, Freeboard resembles the regular skateboard but it features two extra castor wheels attached to the center baseplate of each truck that pivot and swivel in every direction, allowing the rider to slide and swoop much like on a snowboard. The castor wheels are set slightly higher than the edge wheels so that the rider is encouraged to shift their weight from toe to heel to carve their way and change directions while in motion. The six-wheel board is fitted with G3 trucks, slightly larger than those used on a regular longboard, and the deck also features S2 bindings (a.k.a. skyhooks), toe-clips made of hard plastic or metal attached to the deck to keep the rider’s feet in place and provide maximum control during the ride.

To ensure optimum performance and fit individual riding styles, Freeboard reinforced decks are available in several shapes and sizes (75 centimeters, 80 centimeters and 85 centimeters) made from either bamboo or Canadian maple, and two different branded wheel sets have been specifically developed for Freeboard riders, one for freestyle and the other for downhill rides. Plus, every Freeboard is custom designed and hand-assembled to ensure maximum rider safety.

With Freeboard, you’ll never miss winter again – made to simulate snowboarding on pavement, the original new board allows you to grind, slide, carve, spin and do ollies at high speeds while preserving good control of your deck. Check out the video below – and make sure you get yourself a piece.

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